Grade A-Straight Closure


  • 100% raw hair sourced from Cambodia
  • Pure strands no synthetic fibres or fillers
  • HD Lace
  • Size 4x4"
  • Full and Thick
  • Holds curls hold for days
  • Medium to Low lustre
  • Last 2+ years with proper care
  • 95-105 grams in each bundle
  • Color of closure to bundles may vary

A perfectly laid unit begins with the right finishing product. Most people choose a closure to complete their wig unit. Other times, it is used instead of leaving out your natural hair at the top when doing a sew-in. However, you like to top up your style. Our Grade A Closure portfolio has what you need for that finishing touch.

All of our Grade A Closures are made using ‘high definition’ lace also known as HD Lace. It’s transparent material when laid on any skin color is virtually undetectable. As a result, your units will have a scalp-like appearance and flawlessly have people questioning where your hair begins and where it ends.

Additionally, our Grade A Straight Closure is made from 100% pure raw hair that straightens and curls effortlessly, color lifts to the lightest shades and above all, gets better with age. Try it today.


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