Grade B-Light Yaki


  • 100% Asian sourced hair
  • Finely processed to achieve curl pattern
  • Premium strands with some fillers
  • Naturally tapered ends
  • Holds curls hold for days
  • Medium to Low lustre
  • Last 1+ years with proper care
  • 95-105 grams in each bundle
  • Color between multiple bundles may vary

Our Grade B Collection is sourced and collected as our second-tier product line. It’s been curated for hair lovers that are price-conscious but still want quality bundles. All too often are hair extensions grouped together as the same. That’s why in our studio we let you know what’s going on behind-the-scenes. Unlike our Grade A products that are made in small batches, made by hand, and gets better with age. Instead the Grade B Collection is made in a large manufacturing facility and does have an expiry date. Lasting about a year or more, these premium strands perform fantastically and are a great choice with great value. No matter your preference, rest assured you are getting the best factory made bundles you can find on the market.

As for all our relaxed-textured hair manes out there our Grade B Light Yaki bundles are made for you. Use them as clip-ins to slip in between your natural hair for added length or make them into a wig unit and give your afro puff a break. Whatever you decide, let our Grade B Light Yaki bundles keep people guessing where your hair begins and where your hair ends.


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