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        • Try our shea butter and dark soap products for the healthy maintenance of your perfect skin. Restore and revitalize favourite parts of your body the natural way.

        • What is the difference between Grade A and B?

          Grade A: hair is 100% natural, real hair selected to create a bundle of luxurious strands for a flip worthy experience. The hair is fuller, thicker and raw. Since it has not been processed, it gets better and lasts longer with every use. Lasts 2+ Years

          Grade B: hair is slightly blended virgin hair strands to make a premium blend bundle. Grade B is processed and will expire over time. Because of processing, this hair has been stripped of its natural properties but still remains the most popular hair on the market. Lasts 1+Years

          Grade C: hair we do not carry in our Studio but is important to mention. Grade C hair does circulate and tends to be extremely mixed virgin hair and can often be mislabeled as virgin hair when in truth, it is regular beauty supply hair or even synthetic. Not recommended

        • Use our trays to create a lash package hand selected by you. Choose any 3 of our styles for $35CAD. Or buy 1 single pair for $25CAD.

        • Complete your outfit with one of our fashion pieces to make sure you stand out from the crowd. All of our pieces are personally selected by our in-house stylist who keeps our Studio Grade closets trendy and fashionable.

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Quality Choices

We classify our hair collections according to insider standards. Forget misleading titles and grading systems and choose your hair extensions to your own quality and price range.


Style variety

We offer the largest collection of styles and textures to make your hair-drobe and your wardrobe your favourite accessory.


Global Mission

It is our mission to restore quality driven products to the world. We proudly ship to the four corners of it.



We are driven to support small businesses as much as we can. Starting-up is a big step buy your inventory from a trusted source and get personalized advice along the way.



I finally installed your Grade A Luxe hair and I absolutely love it. This hair is so bomb, luxurious and super soft. Definitely, good quality raw hair. I've received numerous compliments and can't wait to try your other styles.


Review #2

The hair was a hit at the wedding. Everyone loved the style I chose. I washed it and blow dried it out and it bounced back like new. Thanks for suggesting the Light Yaki (Grade B) style for this look. In love.



I'm so happy I found your company. I truly appreciate your customer service and professionalism. I've tried other hair companies and yours was the only one that had everything I needed in stock.



I need to let you ladies know that I love love love the hair! I've had to give your details to so many people because everywhere I go people ask me where I got it. I will definitely be buying from here again.


HEY Top Grader!

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