Grade A – Curly Curly

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  • 100% raw hair sourced from Cambodia
  • Unprocessed hair and made by hand
  • Pure strands no synthetic fibres or fillers
  • Thick from root to tip
  • Medium to Low lustre
  • Last 3-5 years with proper care
  • Gets better with age
  • 95-105 grams in each bundl
  • Color between multiple bundles may vary
  • Usually 1B in color

Our Grade A Curly Curly is a sea of individual curl and wave patterns so your hairstyle is never flat and uniform like other curly bundles. Each ringlet performs with a luscious bounce so that your hair moves naturally and gloriously with every step. Made with hand selected luxury strands and crafted in small batches. Steamed pressed instead of chemical treated Grade A Curly Curly is the best curly hair the market has to offer. Try it today.

All our Grade A products are made from 100% pure raw hair. Keeping your curls, waves and hair sweeps moving effortlessly. Versatile enough to straighten, healthy enough to color lift to the lightest of shades. This collection’s best feature gets better every time you wear it. One thing is for sure, these bundles will never leave you looking like you’re part of the audience, rather someone who’s always front stage and centre.



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