Grade A-Body Wave Frontal Blonde


  • 100% raw hair sourced from Cambodia
  • Color 60
  • Pure strands no synthetic fibres or fillers
  • HD Lace
  • Size 13×4″
  • Full and Thick
  • Holds curls hold for days
  • Medium to Low lustre
  • Last 1+ years with proper care

To add the most flip worthy versatility to your wigs and weaves our Grade A Frontal is the perfect finishing piece. Unlike a closure that sits only in the centre of your head or wig unit. Our 13×4 frontal lays from one ear to the other. This hair feature allows for your whole natural hairline to be tucked under the frontal, whereas a closure does not. As a result, it gives you the option to flip your hair over whichever way you want. Offering you the most style freedom.

Notably, all our Grade A Frontals are made from pure raw hair and are made using ‘High Definition’ lace. HD lace as it’s commonly called is transparent material when laid on any skin color is virtually undetectable. As a result, your units will have a scalp-like appearance and flawlessly have people questioning where your hair begins and where it ends.

Additionally, our Grade A Body Wave Frontal is made from pure raw hair that straightens and curls effortlessly. It color lifts to the lightest shades and above all, gets better with age. Try it today.


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